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Budget for Indian family of two (Singapore)

Hello Everyone,

I will be relocating in August from Mumbai (India) with my wife (no kids). As there are may Indians on this forum I would like to know what should be my monthly budget.

The kind of lifestyle I intend to live in Singapore is as below:

Accommodation - 2BHK Fully Furnished HDB (incase of 2BHK condo how much extra should I consider? Protected content away from CBD
Grocery - We are vegetarian. Most of our cooking will be done at home with veggies bought from wet markets.
Transportation - We will use public transport (buses / MRT) with once a week taxi.
Recreation - Gym membership for me and my wife
Outside Food - Twice a week at mid-range restaurant. Fine dining twice in a month.
Recreation - Twice a month - Pub and movie
Utilities - Internet, satellite tv, electricity, water, mobile connection,etc

I would really appreciate if I can get a ballpark figure for the budget.

Let me know if you need anymore information from me.


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