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Calling HR (Human Resources) People (Singapore)

Hi HR People,

Just wondering if you can help me to know more HR People in here.

My company is a Web Based software solution which is designed around improving the flow of your hiring processes. It’s a sophisticated yet easy to use system that helps businesses of all sizes take more control of their recruitment. We have developed unique, innovative tools that help companies measure and improve the cost, quality and speed of their talent supply chain.

Our business is completely designed and catered to the Asia market. As Asian, we totally understand the needs of your business. Our system has multi Asian languages that supports you and your organisation.

HiringBoss ATS is a 100% customisable platform that caters to your organisation work process. I have no doubt our product will serve you better and we are more than competitive on cost.

Our systems helps end users to streamline the entire recruitment by saving time, cost and simplify the process by performing the following:

- schedule interviews,
- job requisitions to all job boards/career site/recruitment agencies
- rate and screen candidates,
- generate customizable reports (eg. Placement by Source, Candidate 1st interview % supply by Internal recruiters etc.)
- build your own candidate database

Anyone of you who are keen to explore into this please do drop me an email at Protected content

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