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Cheap and clean hotels + cost of living (Singapore)


I'm going to apply for a Singaporean visit visa in an hour or so, and the plan is to go to Singapore on the 27th of February (when my Malaysian tourist visa expires), stay there for a week or two, and attend the Foo Fighters concert at The Padang on the 2th of March.

My question is whether there were any cheap and clean hotel rooms around The Padang (preferably within walking distance). I'm fine with dormitories/backpackers' hostels as long as they've got clean bathrooms. -I think I suffer from a slight OCD, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Seriously.

Also, I have a multiple-entry Malaysian visa that only validates one month of stay per visit; would it be possible for me to apply for another three-month single-entry Malaysian visa while I'm in Singapore?

My last and least important question is regarding the cost of living in Singapore; how much money should I expect to spend within two weeks, if I were to eat at cheap restaurants and try to restrain myself to walking whenever possible?

Any help at all would be appreciated!



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