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Cheap International Calls (Singapore)

This service is so helpful if want to call Home country or across world while visiting/working in Singapore. It is best for easy use on mobile (even with/out internet) and cost reduction on calls (International calls at local call rates or less. Example, Half cent (0.5 cent) per minute to US/India and many more countries).

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++Note: This is not spam. Just sharing with you that how to reduce your international call charges++

Customer benefits with Rebtel

Prices - Rates are up to 98% cheaper than those offered by mobile carriers.
Great quality - Outstanding call quality to all countries.
Easy to use - No PIN codes, No SIM cards, No hidden costs. With a Rebtel, you call from your regular landline/mobile and address book. Rebtel automatically converts all international calls into cheap Rebtel calls.

Additional services for all Rebtel users

First call is free - Free test call to anywhere in the world.
Calling without WiFi or 3G - Available between 50 countries.

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