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Condo and Cluster Housing Review? (Singapore)


Hi Everyone,

We have started our relocation process to Singapore and are now looking for a site that provides reviews on the number of condos and cluster houses in Singapore. Having never been before, we are very dependent on online information.

While I am sure a realtor could adequately advise, I'd prefer to get some 'real' reviews on suitable developments and communities.

We are a young professional family (mid-30's) with 2 young boys (1 and 3), moving to Singapore in January for work purposes. Our budget will be in and around $10k. Are rents negotiable? If so, typically what could one expect in terms of flexibility? We also have a dog (retriever). Are rules quite strict in condos for dogs?

If there are no specific forums to discussions about condos and people's experiences in terms of community, environment, etc., perhaps someone on here could suggest a great development for a young family. We are very outgoing and sociable and would seek the same from our neighbours.

We understand that people choose where to live based on schools. Our oldest won't be starting until next year and we are undecided on where he will go. So, I guess the housing will come first.

Any ideas, suggestions...?


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