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Directions for the Solo traveller (Singapore)

So I posted this thread on the Town talk of IN Paris. Didnt quite get the respond I quite needed. So i thought why not post it here where I am sure I'll get more active response and I believe there are quite a fair bit who would have travelled around.

So coming all the way from Asia to Europe for the first time,
Places I am planning to go are
1. Paris
2. Lyon
3. Germany anywhere that's worth.
4. Madrid
5. Seville
6. Your personal recommendation

I hope there are some kind samaritans to guide or explain to me how I can absorb some French air/culture/colour/joy etc!

1. What I can do in France-Pari (will be coming in from August 2nd onwards)
2. Where is a decent place to stay that isn't too pricey (understand Aug is a peak period).
3. The dos and donts in Paris
4. Places to avoid as a lady
5. And any thing that is interesting thats happening around
6. Most importantly Shopping!

And if there are more that you can add on for me, I will be very very enlightened and thankful!

Hope to get some responses otherwise i might just get lost :(

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