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Handyman, Cleaning, Gardening and more Services (Singapore)

How often do you have issue with getting back your security deposit from the landlord towards the end of your lease?

It is a practice to put back the property to its original condition prior to returning the property to the landlord at the end of the lease. These are common challenges most tenant are facing. And we are here to help problem solve by reinstating / putting back the property to its original and acceptable condition so they are ready to be return to the landlord.

How do we do that?

Most of the time you would have a representing housing agent, they represent you from the beginning, throughout and until the end of the lease. During the beginning of the lease you should have what is call the "Property condition report" usually comes with photos and inventory list prepared by your housing agent, signed off and agreed by all parties prior move in that the property is taken over by the tenant in its proper and current condition.

At the end of the lease, this document is important for rectification to identify on what is fair wear and tear, and what is/are defects caused during the stay by the tenant. This is when we come in to assist with the required reinstatement works.

The common works required by the landlord prior to tenant returning the property are that the following works have to be made:

1. Professional cleaning of the premises
2. Dry cleaning of curtains

And other minor repair works as well that may be required such us:

1. Patch up of holes
2. Paint touch up
3. Parquet re-varnishing and more..........

We are a one stop service provider that specializes in property maintenance management, professional cleaning and handyman services for all events, industrial, office and residential needs!

SMS or CALL us and quote "InterNations Singapore" and you will get up to 30% off our regular price!

Our scope of services:

- Property Condition Inspection (PCI) - can be done during move-in/out
- Property Reinstatement Works
- Professional Cleaning
- Dry Clean and Steam Cleaning of Curtains
- Air Conditioner Servicing
- Handyman Services
- Electrical
- Plumbing
- Polishing of Marble
- Varnishing of Parquet
- Tiling Works
- Paint Works
- Waterproofing
- Planter Cover and Decking
- Carpentry Work
- Pest Control
- Landscaping
- Pool Maintenance

To find out more please visit our website at Protected content or call us at Protected content Protected content

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