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Hottest IT Certifications (Singapore)

Two of the Hottest IT Technologies - Cloud Computing and Green IT all set to the IT budget spending ablaze for the next Protected content atleast - according to Gartner reports.

1) Cloud Computing Certifications

What does that mean to various categories of people

a) IT Managers - see the need to cut overheads with pay per use model of Cloud Computing for Software SAAS, Infrastructure IAAS, Hardwarre Platforms PAAS, Knowledge resources KAAS, Data and Storage DAAS etc.
They willl be very keen to implement and develop applications in and around the cloud.

b) Consultants / Business Analysts - With emphasis on Cloud Computing and Technologies and Tools that belong to the cloud, more analysis specific to Cloud Analysis and Consulting is gaining rapidly

c) System Architects = Gone are the days when infrastructure involved a specific company, its requirements and budget spendings on infrastructure - with IAAS, even that aspect is being shared and used as a service - re-creating roles for architects to incorporate the pay per use model/ virtualization and Stored services on pay per use model.

Singapore government agencies like many developed econmies is gearing up for the Cloud Computing wave - I spotted Cloud Computing Certifiications being funded 80% of fees that can be claimed back after succesfully completing the certification successfully Normal Fees is SG Protected content exam fee -
If that excites you and you are eligible for CITREP (singapore and PR for individuals and Singapore registered company). you Can write to sales AT or call Protected content more details/assistance.

2) Green IT - “As more and more people understand what’s at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crises.” - Al Gore on global warming
From the book "The Greening of IT " by John Lamb
Information Technology (IT) is at the heart of every successful modern business. Without it, success is impossible. Yet, the pervasive deployment of IT has had significant, unintended side effects, namely as a significant contributor to the economically unsustainable worldwide dependence on fossil fuels. The awareness of these side effects, though somewhat late in coming, has led some successful companies to turn to a sustainable practice known as “IT greening.” IT greening is about using IT more efficiently to achieve reductions in energy consumption, and therefore, considering the acquisition of energy-efficient IT solutions. Within this book, you can find details on the environmental impact of IT, including data centers’ consumption of fossil fuel-based electric energy. In addition, we examine many case studies, extracting lessons learned and best practices for
implementing green IT.,

Ironically there is a certification from the same provider with similar fundings as the above. Please contact the same referral directly for more details..

3) The next most interesting IT Trend that caught my eye was the relevance of Security despite the growing threats from various angles.THis is the
NICF - Information Security Management: Policy, Compliance and Implementation from NUS

This training course is designed for corporate leaders who endeavor to develop and implement an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with the ISO Protected content their organisation. The ISO Protected content enhances an organization's competitiveness in winning contracts from client companies that require high level of information security in handling theirs or their customers' information. The course will also cover the ISMS 6-phase implementation approach project initiation, review policies and procedures, ISMS scope definition and risk analysis.

Subsidized cost
70% WDA funding /Subsidized fees are for eligible Singapore citizens and permanent residents
Contact: Protected content or Call Protected content for more details.

Good Luck and More to come soon.


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