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How can you grows your money without Huge Capital? (Singapore)

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How can you grows your Money in PART of Real Estate Cycle without Huge Capital?

Tap Co-Development Opportunities in Overseas Markets:-

Singaporean’s penchant for investing in property has elevated local real estate prices to historic highs.

Already, due to several round of cooling measures imposed by authorities, investing in the local property is no longer as viable as it once was and has became out of reach for many local investors .

So, this may be the right time to diversify and look for other alternative to tap for opportunities. In this context, Shenton Wealth Holdings, which offers a variety of attractive oversea co-development opportunities in many countries, tell us why this is an attractive proposition and should be considered.

Q1: What is oversea co-development and how does it take place ?

It is a joint-venture between a developer and private investors on the development of oversea project.

There are various ways to co-develop a project.

For example , a site which is owned by a developer is developed, using capital consolidated from private investors.

Infrastructure is then added in accordance to planning permissions approved beforehand. With the infrastructure in place, the site increases in value. Once the development site is sold to end-buyers, the profits received and distributed between the developer and private investors according to their agreement.

Q2: Why should retail investors consider going for such an investment ?

The Investment quantum is usually low and at Shenton Wealth the minimum outlay starts at S$10,000, which makes it accessible to most investors. The investment period is short, usually capped at 2 to 3 years ,because planning permission had been approved beforehand. Higher gains can be expected from a co-development project compared to the average performance of other investments generally available in Singapore ,Shenton Wealth offers these benefits together with security, exclusively for our investors.

Q3: How can retail investors participate in Co-development opportunities in overseas markets?

Through Shenton Wealth, detailed project information can be made available to investors for their review before committing to an investment options, an investor can place an order from which a co-development contract will be generated. The investor then reviews the contract and proceeds with the investment once terms and conditions are agreed to.

Q4: As the projects are overseas, what is the security for retail investors?

There are various securities in place when investing through Shenton Wealth. For the Brazil development , the investor will get full title deed, naming him/her owner of the land.

As for the North Dakota Project, in addition to the full title deed, this unique attractive investment offers insurance coverage on the capital.

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