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How to use WeChat for your business (Singapore)

Mobile instant messaging (MIM) is the next big thing in digital media. However, many marketers may find it challenging to figure out the best possible ways to engage their customers through MIM. With the release of WeChat in Protected content , even small companies are now emerging as major market competitors.

WeChat (known as Weixin in China) is similar to Whatsapp , a mobile messaging application. However,WeChat also has features that are similar to social media platforms, such as a newsfeed (Facebook), a focus on short messages (Twitter), video calling (Skype), location-based services (Foursquare) and a payment system. In addition, it has tools that enable users to participate to contests, play mini-games and issue coupons.

The younger generation in Singapore and other Asia Pacific countries are adopting WeChat, a mobile social communication application for smartphones, in droves. According to GlobalWebIndex (GWI), a market research company specialising in online consumer behaviour, WeChat's active user base has increased over 55% from Q Protected content Q Protected content , with Singapore's growth attributed at 60%.

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