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InterNations - OktoberFest (Singapore)

Dear All

We are thinking of hosting an InterNations Oktoberfest event in collaboration with one of our most successful venues. I wanted an opinion from all of you on the following points. Based on the responses we get we can think of making it either an official event or a special event. There will be a per head cost that will be higher than the usual event pricing but not high enough to make you skip a few meals in the month.

Need your feedback for the following -

1. If you are interested in attending this event ? (Will help us gauge the turnout and create and event accordingly)

2. Will you be interested in just free flow of beer or free flow of beer + buffet german food ? (will help us negotiate with the venue)

3. Do you prefer Friday (30/09/11, 07/10/11) or Saturday (01/10/11, 08,10,11) ?

4. Any other suggestions you would like to make ?

We have a week to come up with the right plan and share it with the venue so that we can create an event everyone will like.

Look forward to your responses.


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