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is it become boring after a while? (Singapore)

I've been in Singapore just for 3 days as a tourist and I don't have any idea how the life will be different than Malaysia.

It's already 3 years that I am an expat in Malaysia and here is quite interesting. I am enjoying my life here. a lot of activity to do, a lot of place to see, easy to make new friends.

but i heard some negative comment about Singapore like:
"it become boring after 3 months",
"it's just one street",
"it's not a good career move to go. ppl have no life there "
"Singaporean is not like Malaysian, they are arrogant"
Mostly I got these comment from my boss and friends that want to keep me in the company, but anyway even I know their intention, it's not something that I ignore.

I want to know your comments and advices. please share with me your experience. do you recommend to a friend to come and live in Singapore? What do i be aware of? do you want to live in Singapore in next 10 years?

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