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Job opportunities in media/publishing (Singapore)

Hi all

I’m hoping someone might help me out with some information about the media / publishing industry in Singapore.

This is my situation: I’m a bilingual German-English editor/journalist with 8 years work experience (retail/consumer goods/tourism) primarily on English language magazines and I want to live and work in S’Pore for a few years. Marketing, editorial, PR, journalism, customer support – anything in that line of work.

I registered my CV on all the main job websites,, jobsDB, Contact Singapore etc – however, virtually all jobs listed there require a work permit or Singaporean nationality. As German native currently still living in Germany I have neither.

Are there any other ways to find job ads that might be open to non-Singaporean natives? Are there any headhunters specializing in media/publishing jobs? Most firms I’ve found listed on the Internet seem to recruit candidates for the banking/finance/IT/manufacturing sector only. Which (unfortunately, in this case) isn’t my background at all. Frankly, I’m slowly running out of ideas but I don’t want to give up just yet. Hence my appeal for information to all you lovely people in this forum!

I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks and have a good weekend everyone,

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