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Jr. Java Developer required for role in US (Singapore)

JR. Java Devoper required with following skills and experience. People with H1B visa are preferred:

1. Java developer with relevant work experience of 3+ years and ability to quickly adapt to fast paced Agile development project. Must possess excellent communication skills and must be a quick learner with organized problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
2. a.) Extensive experience with Linux based development environments - specifically Cent OS, Oracle Virtual Box VM running Cent OS on Windows b.) Extensive experience with Java IDEs specifically IntelliJ IDEA c.) Extensive experience with GIT and GIT based tools - specifically Atlassian Stash, GIT command line
3. Deep expertise with building REST services with Jersey API/ Dropwizard
4. Good understanding of MongoDB, PostgreSQL
5. Good understanding of code analysers for Test driven development
6. Experience with working in short sprints in an aggressive fast paced Agile SCRUM team
7. Ability to work in co-development client teams with fast paced/ time-to-market deadlines
8. Good understanding of Continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/ CD) - tools and services - specifically Jenkins, Docker, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

If interested please PM me.


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