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Life Planning wksp March 10 by Raffles Place MRT (Singapore)

Purpose: Arriving to Singapore brings along with it many changes for people. The life and purpose they had in their home country may have completely changed upon arriving in Singapore. This workshop is intended to help individuals understand their strengths, interest and what makes them happy in order to redirect their efforts to defining how they want to spend the next Protected content .

If you find yourself saying “I know what I DON’T want to do, but I don’t know WHAT I WANT TO DO” this workshop will help you clarify what it is you want from your life and start to formulate a plan to get there. This will be a 2-hour working session in which you will be completing task and exercises. There will be an informed consent and questions sent to help you prepare in advance. This will be a small closed group. Please contact us for more information.

What it is:

This is a form of career counseling set in a group environment. This
workshop promotes self-awareness and the recogniction that each individual has
certain responsiblities in developing his or her future. The life planning
workshop is a special time where you'll do various structured activies that are
designed to involve participants in concentrating on future tasks and life
planning. Group interaction is heavily emphasized as you'll get and give
feedback and also engage in thought sharing and brain storming.


Opening: conducting warmer to get to know the other members.

First Task: Drawing a life line that requires the individual to draw a line from
birth to present and indicates on it key life experiences and current situations
in life.

Second Task: Identifying and stripping of roles: the purpose is to
identify roles in life. You'll identify and rank your roles that occupy your
life and how they impact and where they take up your time. Then there are
activites with stripping.

Third Task: Fantasty time: This is to develop more self-awareness when free
of identified roles and open yourself to the world's possiblity

Fourth Task: Typical Day and special day: This is to further crystallize
self-awareness and individual needs for the future when free of identified roles

Fifth Task: Life inventory: To identify special needs and goals with emphasis
on identification of each individuals's positive characertics

Final Task Map out small concret steps that you can start to take to meet your
identify special needs.

Materials will provided. Please contact us if you have any further questions.
Date: March 10, Protected content

Time: 10am to Noon

Location: Centennial Business Centre

105 Cecil Street, The Octagon# Protected content

T: Protected content

Cost $75
Please register by contacting us: htttp:// Protected content

Pre-pay online via paypal or you can email us to send check or do bank transfer

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