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Local Coffee - how much do you know? (Singapore)

Was having coffee with a friend who just came to Singapore & he was flabbergasted by the coffee in "coffee & toast"& kopitiam/ hawker center. Let's have a quick much do you know?
Rules of engagament:
1) non-Singaporean
2) each person to only post answer to 1 item.
3) if someone had posted an answer..don't repeat..try another one

A. Kopi-O
B. Kopi-Si
C. Kopi
D. Kopi-Kao
E. Kopi-Bo
F. Kopi-Siew-Dai
G. Kopi-Ka-Dai
H. Yuan-yang
I. Kopi-peng
J. Milo dinosaur
K. Tak-Kiu (Kick football)
L. Diao Hi (fishing)
M. Lao-Huo (this is an animal)

Have fun!

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