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Location with good expat school (Singapore)

Dear All,
I'm really excited about a likely 12 months move from UK to Singapore with family (kids 6, 3 and 0) within a few months.

My main concern is whether I can find a local school for my 6 year old girl within just 2 to 3 months. I prefer a 'softer'/non elite local school with a couple of other expat kids to minimize the cultural shock for her.

I've around 5k for apartment (preferable a low rise condo with pool - a nice area for kids). I'll work in center but don't mind up to 45 minutes commute each way.

Any suggestions with regard to location are much appriciated!

Would you recommend to find a school first (within a given district) and then the apartment?

Would you recommend international schools over local school in order to secure a softer teaching methods and minimize cultural shock?

Kind regards,

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