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Looking for engineering job in S'pore (Singapore)


I am looking for new job / new company in Singapore. I have had working experience in engineering consultancy services doing water pipelines, sewers for PUB ( to meet increasing demand of NEWater in Singapore), construction and chemical / manufacturing industries. I have cross discipline engineering knowledge in chemical engineering, environmental science, general piping, corrosion, mechanical, civil & structural engineering, water simulation modelling, etc. I have degress in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Looking for job in chemical processing / Oil & Gas sector / engineering consultancy services / water & wastewater treatment / other related sectors.

Recently I have had job offer in Qatar from InterNations but the company does not have branch in Singapore hence it is quite risky for me (especially I am PR). I prefer to work for Singapore company and I do not mind to be sent overseas since I am single, providing that I can maintain my PR status ( in process of applying S'pore citizenship ).

Please contact me if you have any open vacancies. I can send my resume to your company.

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