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Looking for flatmates to move in with (Singapore)

Hi. I am Jordan. A Filipino expat working in Singapore for almost three years now. I am looking for Protected content to move in with me in Singapore.

As for the location, we can arrange somewhere that's convenient for everyone or if you already have a place in mind, let me know so we can discuss.

I'm a very friendly and easy-going guy who gets along with people, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

I have travelled around several countries in Southeast Asia and I am willing to exchange stories with people new to the region or simply connect and make friends with fellow Asians.

The budget is very negotiable. If i were to set conditions, it'll be the following:

-Allow me to have my own room. You can take the master's bedroom if you want. I am perfectly fine with that I just need my own privacy in my room.

-If you are an expat like me, you will probably have visitors (including family, friends) who will come to Singapore at some point in time, so if we can allow them to stay in our place that would be great.

-Throwing parties in the flat is more than welcome for me (or if you don't want to, I'm fine with that as well). Like I said, I am easy going/flexible.

That's it basically. Please do not hesitate to contact me Protected content you want to discuss further.

Thanks in advance.


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