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Looking for temporary job in Singapore

Hi, I'm a Norwegian woman looking for job in Singapore in june and july. I am interested in different kind of jobs. Here is a litle bit of my education- and work- background:

I have a bachelor degree of social education, and I am currently a student again, now on my third year studying pharmacy.

I have work experience from working in kindergarden, working as a nurse (my bachelor degree of social education also makes me qualified as a nurse in Norway, though with my degree we primarily learn about working with people with mental or physical disabilities), from working at a pharmacy, and from working in a pharmaceutical company (handeling complaints, adverse event cases, and proofreading/artwork).

I also need information about work permit for a short period of time. It seems like I need a job offer before I can apply for a work permit. Does anyone know if this is right? I would be happy for information and advices from anyone who knows anything about this.

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