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Lovely, experienced Indonesian maid for transfer (Singapore)


Dear Members,

I have left Singapore in June and will not return in September as originally planned; I would like to find a good family for our Indonesian maid.
Ara is 34 years old and has over 10 years experience working in Singapore.
She is a very good cook - European and Asian cuisine, best Thai curry ever !! - and has extensive experience looking after children of all ages including babies.
She is a very gentle and happy soul who is self organised and will need very little guidance in running a house, therefore making her ideal for a busy family or a single gentleman who doesn't have time and interest in the domestic aspect of life - she was living out 30mn by bus while working for us which can make it suitable for a single person to be her employer -.
I have been out of the country since June but I haven't cancelled her working pass and I will continue paying her salary until the end of September. She has returned to Indonesia for the summer and will be available for interviews starting in a week when she comes back to Singapore.
If you are interested in interviewing her, get in touch via PM on the platform or by direct email :
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call/Whatsapp on my UK mobile : Protected content

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