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Master Mind group: Achieving goals - Interested? (Singapore)

Hi all!

I am setting up a monthly Master Mind group of Protected content with a focus on achieving goals and target setting. Who is interested in joining?

- What is a Master Mind group?
A Master Mind group consists of several people who can trust and support eachother with challenges in any area of life (this Master Mind group will focus on target setting and achieving goals in several areas - i.e. family, career, social, financial, personal, etc.). Aim for this group is to have monthly recurring gatherings at a yet unknown location.

- For who is it?
Anyone with a fairly ambitious mindset and a rough idea of what they want to achieve in various areas of life, but do find themselves struggling with target setting or achieving their goals....


who are open minded, not afraid to share their personal challenges and who are willing to listen to other people's challenges as well.
I'm looking to make the group as diverse as possible with a diverse mix of age, gender, race and cultural background.

- For who is it NOT?
People who have no idea what they want in life (basically without any goals), people who already manage to achieve all the goals they set for themselves and people with focus on just 1 goal (for example: "my goal is to get filthy rich")

- Does it cost money?
No, not at all (unless you buy yourself a drink at the location where it will be held). I'm not a certified coach and don't pretend to be one. However, I do have an extreme interest in personal development and helping people pushing themselves to achieve their ambitions (I do have NLP practitioner certification, by the way), so I also see this as a great experience for myself. I'm just putting in my free time and positive energy, that's all.

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Depending on the number of responses, I hope to send invites to the group by the end of this week
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Beside everything mentioned above, I aim to make it an interesting experience, with opportunities for learning, meeting new people and also a good amount of fun :-)


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