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Moving from SG to Penang, Malaysia (Singapore)


Hi all,

I know this is more for Expats having questions about SG, but after moving to SG from the US almost a year ago, I am now provided with an opportunity to move to Penang. While I cant complain about living in SG (you have everything or something similar at your fingertips), I'm always up for experiencing new places.

I was hoping some Expats here may have some tips about living in Penang based on experience. One thing I'm definitely curious to learn is if you can survive and live an enjoyable lifestyle w/o purchasing a car. How is public transportation in Penang compare to SG. I know SG is pretty much top of the line and efficient when in comes to PT, but is PT in Penang even halfway decent? Are taxi's somewhat readily available? Busses?

Any suggestions on areas in Penang where you are walking distance from malls, grocery stores, gyms, etc?

Appreciate any feedback.


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