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Moving to Singapore from the US

Hello Friends - My company wants me to move to Singapore. I live in the US, in the SF bay area (Los Gatos). Here is what I am estimating to have a lifestyle that is close to how I have it in the US, obviously adjusted for local formats. By local formats I mean potentially living in the condominium versus the suburban lot, potentially not owning a car etc. All my numbers are in SGD per month.

- Rental = $13, Protected content utilities)
- Int’l School = $4000
- Monthly Living Expenses = $4500
- Transportation = $ Protected content optional)

Are these estimates reasonable. What may I be missing here?

Also, typically what upfront costs should I estimate for getting settled in. I am referring to potentially having to upfront deposits on house and school or some sort of registration fees etc. Also do the apartments there come with equipped for things like the refrigerators, microwaves, dish washers, air conditioners, washers/dryers? Or is that typically incremental?

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