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Moving to Singapore - some questions

Planning to move with my wife and son Protected content on a two assignment to Singapore in the next two months. We are American (Asian-Indian) and live in New Jersey. I have a couple of questions and am hoping to get some insights:

1. We are considering the SAS and Stamford American School or my son, any perspectives on the pros and cons of each will be appreciated. How is the PTA in each of these schools

2. We would like to live within walking distance of the school, what are the preferred areas where most kids going to these schools stay. Which are the housing condos preferred by expats or ones that have a large expat contingent

3. Do we need a car, heard it is easy to get around using cabs and public transportation

4. How long does it normally take for one to feel settled in, any tips

5. Medical facilities and doctors

6. Plan to come there and buy furniture - is that advisable or would it be better to move furniture from the US.

7. Any other insights would be appreciated


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