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Need advise about working in singapore (Singapore)

I am 32 years old, I'm algerian. I visited singapore last month for one day but I suffered wht i knew later was a ''cultural shock''.
During that day i met friends who told me securing a job legally would'nt be a big challenege however it would be a non skilled job like a waiter, or similar and in the best a desk reciptionist .
Being a high school teacher that sounded to me un-acceptable to become a waiter. I am back home now and school is in holidays, I keep thinking about the offer ,it comes to my mind that if i take it then maybe one day my qualifications and experience get recognised and get an education job in singapore.
What do you think about it?. I am a simple man from a desertic small town used to live in calm and peace, the rush of singapore seemed no appropriate to me, i felt sad, people going every where in every direction like they were under prussure.

What is your opinion about working in singapore? what if took the waiter job and counted on part time university studying? Please give me your advise, Thanks.
Ah!: i was told a work pass takes about week to be issued and that employement agency takes care of every thing, is that true?.

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