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need info re cost of living in singapore (Singapore)

hey guys,

im looking at possibly relocating to singapore which i just discover been VERY expensive so... trying to find out the following:

1)what salary would be consider a good salary here
2)how much would i be looking at spending for a landed house (i love the black and white does it work with them? i also love the chinese shops...) i have a dog and will be needing decent indoor and outdoor space
3)cost of monthly utilities for such a house (electricity/water etc)
4) cost of house maid
5)cars - cost of car (big enough to fit my german shepherd)
6)interest rates on car loans
7) cost of petrol
8)cost of furniture (is there an Ikea in SG?)
9) is tax fixed at 15% for exacts? how is this paid? directly deducted from salary or?
10) cost of healthcare

any other additional hidden living costs that i might have forgotten....

any help would be very much totally in love with the city...just need to see if i can make it work...and how much i would need to earn to be able to save....and not just "exist" here :-)

THANKS and ciao for now

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