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New Notes go into Circulation, Old Notes Become a Collector’s Item? (Singapore)

Apparently in the 2 days since the new notes were released, POSBank saw about S$34 million worth changing hands. Just wondering if any of you thought of joining the long queues outside the banks this morning to exchange old notes for new bills? ;)

I read somewhere, and thought it was pretty funny that while waiting in the queue, customers can choose whether they want their horoscope for the New Year read to them.

As an FYI, these new portrait notes were introduced in Protected content the Monetary Authority of Singapore after the merge with the Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore (BCCS), with the intention to gradually add newer ones throughout the upcoming years. It was said that these new bills act as stock replenishment to replace notes withdrawn from circulation, or to meet any increase in demand for notes (which, really, as most of us know, is not such a good thing!)

Anyone have the new notes yet? Or clinging onto some of the old ones in the hope that it may one day be a collector’s item?

(As an aside, I remember last summer’s new notes that went into circulation honored Singapore’s 40-years relationship with Brunei and both nations’ interchangeable currencies. I know that I clung onto the new $20 bill when I first got my hands on it! Should be a collector’s item one day!)

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