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New Zealand Expatriates in Singapore


Expatriate Research

I am a Masters of Business student at Otago University, New Zealand. As part of the requirements for the Masters of Business I need to complete research for my thesis.

The aim of my research is to investigate how the levels of pre-departure preparation and continued organisational support of New Zealand expatriates affect the perceived success of their assignments in Singapore. As New Zealand companies expand and gloabalise into international markets, it becomes increasingly important that the face of these companies, who are often New Zealand expatriates, are successful within their roles.

I am using Singapore as the target destination because it has a long established and close relationship to New Zealand. It is a growing market and provides a gateway for New Zealand businesses to access the rest of the world, making it an invaluable market to maintain strong relationships and trade.

To obtain the data for this research I am seeking participants to participate in a face-to-face interview followed by a 30 minute on-line questionnaire. Employees sought for participation will have been in their current Singapore posting for a period of more than six months, but no longer than five years. Participants will have relocated internationally to take up their assignment and are also, required to be engaged in full-time employment for a private sector organisation. The Otago University Ethics Committee has approved the research and data questions. All data collected will be confidential and anonymous and companies will not be identified.

The university has paid for me to visit Singapore between 21 – 30 August Protected content conduct my field research. I am currently seeking participants that meet the criteria to participate in the study. If you are interested in participating or for further information, please contact Jessica at Protected content A summary of the findings from the research will be available to you at the end of the study.

The research is intended to be shared with the New Zealand Department of Labour, as there is very little academic research about this topic that is directly related to New Zealand expatriates.

I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible to confirm if this is possible so that I can continue to arrange the details for my trip.

Kind regards

Jessica Smart
University of Otago

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