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Nutraceuticals for Cellular Communications (Singapore)


We have Real Food Technology Solutions unavailable in the Marketplace that needs to be passed on through network-marketing among colleagues, friends, relatives, loved ones.

Donald Trump said if he has to start all over, Network Marketing would be his BEST NEW OPTIONS - Internet has made it all so simple!

Warren Buffet is the biggest Investor of Global Networking Companies – listed with Major Bourses.

Our products are PATENTED and many "copy-cats" have been ruled to pay 6>7- figure$s compensations.

We have a simple solution, how U$100 monthly can be your new BIZ opportunities and be rewarded with better health and wellness on a toxic planet. It’s not too late to start and revolutionise your lifestyle, with Mannatech CH International GmbH, based in Zug, Switzerland (NASDAQ listed : MTEX) We are a Biotech, Research & Diagnostic Company based on Life Sciences, Glyconomics and Glycobiology initiatives towards Adult Stem Cells regeneration, Bio-markers relating to DNA / RNA Identifications / Rejections, Cell-to-Cell communications, nutraceuticals & Real Food Technology & Solutions.

Dr. Steve Nugent from US gave a lecture on the CORE-5 of the HUMAN BODY functions in Singapore on 1st June. The ballroom at GRAND PARK Hotel City Hall was packed to the brim, with Pax standing along hallways. Attendants in SIN superceded all other destinations in this series of NZ-AUS-SIN road-show. This is evidentiaries of SIN-reans awareness and needs to understanding a healthier lifestyle solution, LIVE FOR REAL!

Next lecture will be on 12 June by Executive Directors from Sunshine Coast Queensland AUS - sharp 2.30 > 5.30pm,- for Associates and INVITED guests only. Will gladly include anyone from “INTERNATIONS” facing health challenges, chronic symptoms, vegetarians searching for real plant based FOOD technologies and solutions, housewives who wish to stay home, yet earn GOOD decent income, PASSING IT ON!

Pls email Protected content for invitation flyers and details. Seats will be allocated only for those who RSVP.

Venue will be at NLB - nearest MRT : BUGIS
12th June Protected content - 2.30>5.30 pm



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