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Pricing consultant in town (Singapore)


Hi guys,

I'm a german management consultant specialized in the field of pricing. I have learned at Simon-Kucher and A.T.Kearney and have extensive experience in the retail, online, and B2B-Services-industries.

I will be working on a project for an industry-leading company in Singapore for the next 6 weeks. However, I enjoy discussing pricing-related challenges. Therefore I could offer to sit down with you if you feel like receiving some feedback on your specific pricing challenge.

On a site note, together with the Global Lead of Pricing at A.T. Kearney, I have developed a logic to contextualize the assortment of online-shops based on psychological and pricing-specific patterns. We have been running a few tests in Germany and it seems like our logic is boosting sales by >5%. It's not 100% valid yet, therefore we are always looking for online-shops willing to go innovative ways and who are fast in executing valid A/B-Tests.

Please let me know if you feel like there is something to connect upon.

Cheers, Timo

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