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Questions on Singapore schooling system

Hi everyone,

My wife and kids will likely move here later this year with the intent to move here permanently and we have the following questions as my daughter wants to go to college in the United States following high school:
a. What are the top school districts (similar to the school district system in the United States) in Singapore? Is there a ranking published somewhere?
b. Are government schools here open to admitting foreigners on dependent passes or is that only reserved for Singaporean citizens and PRs?
c. What are the really good private international schools from an academics standpoint? same question for government schools? would love to hear your ideas and suggestions (names of schools).
d. Does it matter where you live to get accepted in a particular school?
e. Are there charter schools - schools for children with advanced intellectual abilities offering accelerated learning without constraints on age?

Any help/pointers appreciated. I would love to hear from anyone who has sent kids to US schools and have relocated here or anyone whose kids have studied here and gone for college studies in the US.


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