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Quintessential Education Tutoring Services (O leve (Singapore)

n Quintessential Education, we provide top quality tuition mainly for Economics, General Paper, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as well as other subjects upon request. We offer both group classes and Protected content to suit the needs of the students. We take every students' progress seriously and will definitely provide satisfactory lessons for all of our students.

Our Mission
‘Quintessence means the perfect embodiment of a class or quality. We aim to be the quintessence of academic excellence, and aspire our students to be all rounded men and women.’ – Quintessential Education

Our Tutors
Our principal tutors possess a wealth of combined knowledge of and beyond the A-level syllabus to prepare students for life.

1) Top school teachers, IB examiners, JC lecturers
2) Professionals and Alumni from Raffles/Hwa Chong, Oxford/Yale/LSE)
3) Extensive practical experience at Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, UBS, major law firms and government ministries.

Economics is a fun and interesting subject. Nevertheless, some students face many common issues in their studies. They understand the economics concepts but can’t comprehend what the questions are asking for. They memorise complex economics theories, but can’t apply or evaluate. They can’t comprehend the content in long question and case study.

At quintessential education, we believe the key to scoring in economics exams is simple. This is because while the exam board may vary the questions, the tested concepts must come from the core economics syllabus. We aim to build a strong knowledge of core economics theories, and build application skills from past questions. they usually revolve around simple concepts like demand and supply, or more complex topics like market structure, oligopolistic actions and behaviour.

Our economics tuition classes are nothing like the typical school lectures. Most of our curriculum revolve around question discussion on recent issues like the Eurozone debt crisis, America’s mortgage crisis, China's currency devaluation and problem solving. They are interactive and filled with tons of knowledge and light-hearted examples to help your understanding.

Do check out our articles to help you in your economics understanding. You might learn more about our Economics tuition classes here at Protected content

General Paper
Our teaching methodology for General Paper revolves around igniting a passion for learning in our students, challenging norms, questioning fallacies and being versatile in constructing and tearing down arguments. We believe in intellectual debates, exchanging of ideas, and providing resources or past exams outside of curriculum. Have a look at our weekly updates to get a feel of the topics discussed at our GP tuition classes.

Walk into our GP class and you will be able to find experienced GP tutors taking students through:

1. Current affair discussion

Our tutors will find and discuss the latest and most significant global events with the class, and provide masterful insight on how to integrate and evaluate these in their essays. GP is not a stagnant subject. In order to do well, students must not only possess knowledge about current affairs, but also be able to form and use critical insights about such ongoing issues, and reflect them in their essays.

2. Comprehension practices

Tutors will provide practices on selected key questions to give students the edge they need, as well as to find out what they have been doing wrong and how to rectify them. A constant learning process would form a constructive environment for students to improve.

GP is essentially about conviction, confidence and presenting conclusive arguments. The curriculum offered here at Quintessential’s GP tuition include:

Essay Writing

· History, social, economics, political, philosophy
· Science, environment, history, global issues
· Literature and language, arts and crafts, global media
· Brainstorming tools


· Interpretation and evaluation
· Independent critical reading
· Appreciation of diversity, maturity of thought and expression
· Skills to tackle summary and application questions

To find out more about Quintessential Education and what we have to offer in our GP tuition classes, please click here Protected content

At Quintessential Education, we think excelling in Mathematics is a two part process.

First- Understanding.

Mathematics can sometimes be abstract, complex and daunting for many. Our H2 Maths Tuition help to build better understanding through the use of numerous practical examples that students can relate to in their life.

Second- Problem Solving.

Practicing is key for excelling in Mathematics. With proper guidance and understanding of concepts, the effect of the practice is induced. This is why at Quintessential, our H2 Maths Tuition classes have developed simple yet effective problem solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions.

For each topic, we will focus on building a firm foundational understanding of the concepts, following which we will provide problem solving techniques and hone the students familiarity and achieve H2 Mathematics finesse through practice.

We help weaker students build a strong foundation, and help the stronger ones score well in exams. This effective lessons will translate to excellent results.

We have many experienced teachers who are capable of teaching our students according to the H2 maths syllabus which includes:

Pure Mathematics

* Functions and graphs

* Inequalities

* Sequences and series

* Vectors

* Complex numbers

* Trigonometric Identities

* Differentiation and integration

* Maclaurin’s series

* Differential Equations

Statistics (particularly weak among most students)

* Permutation and Combinations

* Probability

* Sampling Methods

* Binomial, Poisson and Normal Distribution

* Hypothesis Testing

* Linear Correlation

Find out more about our H2 Maths tuition classes here Protected content

Here at Quintessential Education (QE), we specialise in Chemistry tuition for the A levels standard. We believe in nurturing students to understand concepts, rather than providing the ‘easy’ way out of memorising model answers. As experienced teachers, we understand the major problems that students may face when tacking the subject.

Chemistry can be daunting with long periodic naming sequences for chemicals, equations and order of kinetics. Students may not have the breadth, depth, or both, to immediately feel comfortable conversing in the language of chemistry. Getting Us and Ds is not uncommon for promo and prelim exams for A level Chemistry.

With the help and guidance of our patient tutors, students will be taught how to:

· Simplify problems
· Address their individual weak points (Every student is unique!)
· Cultivate a habit of implementing intensive practice (Ten year series, challenging questions etc) to hone finesse and speed for Chemistry.

More importantly, the tutors here at QE make it a priority to cultivate a love and interest for Chemistry amongst our students. The wonders of Chemistry can be felt and observed in every aspect of our day-to-day life. Chemistry tuition should be all about the student and his/her capabilities and problems.

The A level Curriculum covered in our Chemistry tuition classes include:
· Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry, reaction kinetics, chemical bonding etc.)
· Inorganic Chemistry (Periodic tables, transition elements, nitrogen and sulfur)
· Organic Chemistry (Hydrocarbons, halogen, carbonyl, hydroxy, carboxylic, nitrogen compounds and polymerisation)
· Application of Chemistry (Analytical chemistry, design chemistry, chemistry of life)

To find out more about Quintessential Education and what we have to offer in our Chemistry tuition classes, please click here Protected content

Here at Quintessential Education (QE), we specialise in Physics tuition for the A levels standard. Physics can be perplexing with momentum and energy dynamic equations, complex thermodynamics, baffling electromagnetism or atomic constants and esoteric quantum mechanics concepts to memorise. Without prior exposure, students may feel uncomfortable with or overwhelmed by the mathematical and abstract aspects of Physics. Here at QE, we have the experience and qualifications as a leading Physics tuition provider to help students learn to love the subject.

A level Physics is not difficult to excel in if guided by the right principles. Here at QE, our methodology includes:

1) Our students learn through practice. Our teachers focus on core concepts of Physics, including measurements, kinematics, momentum and energy, electromagnetism and many more.

2) We believe in developing the right foundation concepts in students. Through this way, they will be able to work out their solutions from first principles even if they do not know how to approach a physics question.

3) Developing a passion for the science of Physics and a sense of appreciation for its importance and relevance in real life. We believe that by being able to recognise the wonders of Physics in our day-to-day life, students would develop a natural interest, eagerness and enthusiasm for the subject that would expand beyond the textbook.

The A level Physics curriculum we cover includes:

· Measurements
· Kinematics
· Momentum and energy
· Electromagnetism
· Oscillations and waves
· Modern Physics (Quantum, charged particles, nuclear physics)

To find out more about Quintessential Education and what we have to offer in our Physics tuition classes, please click here Protected content

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