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Relocating, need an insight (Singapore)

I'm interviewing for jobs in Singapore and would like to get the low down on what it would cost to live there.
I've been offered senior management positions with a salary averaging from S$7k - $8.5k, but NO HOUSING or relocation allowance. Is this normal?
I've looked around but it appears that rental in most centrally located places (Holland Village, Bradell etc) are in the range of $3k for a one bed apartment. That really won't leave me with very much in savings. Is this the average? Or do you guys know of cheaper places? I'm not looking for somewhere posh or plush, a nice HDB in a walkup will be fine.
I'm single, so my expenses are pretty light, but I really want to be able to save something and not end up spending all my earnings on day to day living expenses.
Any thoughts welcome.

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