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Rental Agreement dispute advice (Singapore)


Hello all -

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with rental agreements. We basically went through an agent and signed a "Letter of Intent" and the landlord took our good faith deposit, during the days that followed we decided to back out and no tenancy agreement was signed. We thought we would get our good faith deposit back, but the landlord is holding it hostage now. The LOI event states very clearly that if no written agreement is signed within 7 days the Landlord should return the sum immediately.

Does anyone know which government body can enforce these types of contracts? I've been looking around with not much success. I've tried to investigate going through a group called CASE but they don't handle rental agreements, the police don't seem to want to touch these types of situations and the CEA only gets involved if the agent has done something wrong.

So I'm kind of stuck at the moment. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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