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Seeking Employment in Publishing/Events/Marketing (Singapore)

I am an American who has been living in S.E. Asia Working in sales and marketing. The last 2 years I have been working freelance and now find myself seeking full time employment in either Singapore or Bangkok. If any member's may have any lead's this would be of great help. My CV can be sent on request. Below you will find a copy of my cover letter.
To the Managing Director: Dear Sir or Madame:

Ref: Sales/Marketing
I write with interest in application for the above position.

I am interested in the job opportunity within your company. I have spent the last 5 years working in Singapore and Thailand as a Group Sales & Marketing Director, directing overseeing and motivating sales staff for a number of in flight, Real Estate, Yachting and life style magazines throughout the South East Asian and Australian market.
I worked with a number of large Resorts and Event / Conference centers on their Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions (M.I.C.E.) programs along with a number of Restaurant, Clubs, Yacht Groups and Real Estate Developing Groups as media and marketing partners for a large number of events in Singapore and Thailand.
My highest held position was with P.U.I. Working as a Sales Underwriter / Finance & Investment Consultant directing a large sales force across the 50 United States and parts of Asia building national and international marketing campaigns through business to business sales strategies that has helped shape a world leader within the sales and underwriter business.
I have been the Marketing Director in Restaurants grossing sales of up to 10.5 million U.S. dollars per year, working with the management team’s on building sales in a business to business sales process, concept and tactile delivery media, team building activities and programs. I was charged with maintaining accurate profit & loss statements, inventory with both food and liquor and catering departments.
In addition I have strong knowledge in a number of point of sale programs, dealing with payroll, managing sales analysis, forecasting, reporting activities and developing large advertising and marketing campaigns. I believe in being in the forefront and providing the best service for clients is most vital. Likewise, I feel that it is also important to address clients and their requests in efficient manners, which implant’s in them a good and professional image of the organization.
Enthusiasm, good mannerisms, patience, the ability to multi-task and act promptly are qualities that have seen me through my previous experience as a Director. I communicate effectively with all levels from all walks of lives, with the prime objective of delivering a task, best done within my ability.
I take pride in my work and am an easy-going person, to which many of whom who I’ve worked with, can bear such testimony.
I really hope to be a part of your organization, please do consider my application and contact me soonest at your convenience. Thank you.
Yours truly,
Bret Reynolds
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Bret D Reynolds

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