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Singapore For Young People

Hi all,

A quick summary about myself: I'm 24 years old, have just graduated from uni with a master's degree in finance. I've lived in the Netherlands my whole life, bar a few months in Shanghai earlier this year. I absolutely loved Asia and am seriously considering emigrating there.

Going back to Shanghai would be great, but language is a problem with me as I speak only a few words of Mandarin. I also don't feel like I could settle in a communistic country with heavy censorship.

I figured Singapore would be a good alternative. Are there any 'young' (or young at heart ;) ) people on here that could give me some insights into life in Singapore. Specifically, what's the social life there like? Work is important for me, but so is play! Shanghai had an amazing nightlife, so if Singapore comes anywhere close I know I'm in for a good time.

Also, are there any tips you could give for someone that's job hunting. Although I've got a finance degree I'm more the creative type. I'm would love to work in branding/marketing/strategy.

Any comments/feedback is very much appreciated!

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