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So new, so torn apart (Singapore)

Hallo! I'm absolutly new in this forum and in the situation I am right now: moving to Singapore and living in the tropics
I guess most of the expats went through the same: Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking... is it the right thing to do, or stay where you are....? If it would only be me and my husband, .... no thinking about it. But with three kids, two teenager and an 8 year old girl I'm getting frightend sometimes. I lived in the tropics im my early twenties, never thought about malaria, dengue fever etc. but now moving to a place in the tropics (and I know, we will be traveling there too) scars me a bit ....sometimes alot.....
How did you handle this? Putting on bug spray everyday isn't healthy either.... do I overreact?
I know that especially my son won't wear long sleeves etc.

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