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some of the strangest food only in asia... (Singapore)

A compilation of the grossest and strangest eats in Asia, according to us. Not for the faint-hearted (or those with weak stomachs). Oh, and we promise no bugs for this one.

Well if there’s one thing Asia is known for, it’s our exotic eats. And we take our food seriously. The following will depict just some of the more popular and exotic eats in various parts of Asia that you might want to try the next time you vacation there – if you can stomach it, that is. Pun intended.

Country of Origin: Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia

What is it?: A fertilised duck or chicken egg with a nearly-developed embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.

What it tastes like: Many say that it tastes like chicken or duck since it is that after all. They are typically seasoned with a salt, garlic and vinegar mix.

Why it grosses us out: The bird’s features are clearly developed – you can actually see the eyes, beak and even feather – so it is like cuddling a chick in your palm and well, eating it at the same time.

Country of Origin: Japan

What is it?: Raw Horse Meat

What it tastes like: Somewhere along the lines of Steak Tatar and Tuna Sashimi. Basashi is best enjoyed with soy sauce with ginger and onions added.

Why it grosses us out: We’re sure Basashi isn’t as gross as it sounds – it looks and just like Tuna Sashimi. But the thought of putting slices of this animal we all grew up loving into your mouth? Neeeigh is all we can say.

Country of Origin: Korea

What is it?: A traditional health tonic made from three day old baby mice fermented in rice wine. It is believed to be able to cure just about any illness – from asthma to liver problems.

What it tastes like: Well with a bunch of baby mice floating about your bottle of health tonic, it’s no surprise that the Baby Mice Wine tastes as bad as it looks. Some say, raw gasoline.

Why it grosses us out: The mice (while still alive) are taken from their mother and drowned in rice wine. In other words, the mice have died in the wine.

Country of Origin: Japan

What is it?: Male genitalia of fish; the bag which contains sperms.

What it tastes like: We’re not sure though, you would have to try and let us know won’t you?

Why it grosses us out: Imagine an explosion of thick gooey substance flowing down your throat. Shirako looks more like brains than a bag of fish sperms though, which makes it even harder to digest.

Country of Origin: Thailand, China

What is it?: Bats boiled in water or milk, roasted then made into a paste with traditional Thai herbs and spices.

What it tastes like: Hopefully the herbs and spices are enough to help you forget that you are actually putting bat into your mouth.

Why it grosses us out? Unless you’re Ozzy Osborne, the thought of eating a bat should already be repulsive enough. Never mind that your bat is in a paste form, these critters of the night are known to be disease carriers so eat at your own risk!

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