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Tax reimbursement (Singapore)

Hi everyone,

I arrived in Singapore in mid May. Started working on July 1st. my last day in that job was on the 29th October. I started a new job on November 13th (which I am currently working at).

When I left my previous job I had to pay nearly 4k in tax since I had not been here for Protected content and I got taxed at 15% rate.

IRAS website says in order to get taxed at resident's rate i have to work in singapore for Protected content in a year or Protected content of continuous employment over 2 years.

Does anyone know if in my situation I will be able to claim part of those 4k tax back at some point next year? Or the 13 days I been unemployed (from October 30th to November 12th) will prevent me from doing so?

Any help or clarification would be highly appreciated.


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