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Telecom/Mobile/Online space (Singapore)

Dear All
I am looking to relocate to Singapore. In my most recent roles I have the Regional/Global Sales Director for a variety of High Tech MNC and start ups including Sun Microsystems, McAfee, British Telecom and most recently CDNetworks.
I have worked across Mobile, Telco/ISP, Security, Hosting, SaaS, Web Services, Content Distribution and Monetisation, Digital Media Consultancy.
I am looking for a Sales Director/Head of Sales role base in Singapore ideally with regional exposure.
My family comes from Singapore and Malaysia, giving me an insight into the culture and I feel my international experience would work well. I am very keen to bring up my young family in Singapore long term and would really appreciate any help or advice.
I have just come back from a round of interviews but want to keep my options open.
Thanks for your time.

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