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The Boys in the Band - hit off-Broadway play - SG (Singapore)

Hello all!
At the suggestion of Victoria at the IN press office, I'm posting some information below about an upcoming play/theatre production in Singapore which might be of interest to you, or people around you...!

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by Mart Crowley

Join the party. It's going to be a wild night...

Following the critically and audience-acclaimed Take Me Out, Tim Garner Productions is thrilled to present the Protected content premiere of the hit off-Broadway play, Mart Crowley’s "The Boys in the Band", from August 7 to 16 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre – the second in a series of LGBT plays encouraging discussion on diversity, equality, and inclusion in Singapore.

- New York, Protected content . It's Harold's 32nd birthday. A good time goes bad as the amiable turns fraught, prejudices are exposed, and true personalities are unleashed, ultimately leading us to question the characters’, and our own, concept of friendship -

The Boys in the Band, described by The Wall Street Journal as “A play of real substance, one that deserves to be performed not occasionally but regularly” and “Witty, bitchy, revelatory and dazzlingly entertaining” (The New York Times), premieres in Singapore with an all-male, multi-national cast performing the seminal hit which sparked the gay rights movement in America.

Tickets available now at SISTIC - Protected content

We hope to see you at the theatre - but please also share this information with other theatre-loving & equality-minded friends & colleagues who may enjoy a night with The Boys in the Band... bring it up over drinks, dinner, brunch & lunch this weekend... we are grateful for any support!

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