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Transferring to Singapore - need help


My wife, two young children and I will be transferring to Singapore in a few months from the US. With such a move comes multiple questions. We has done a little research but are having a difficult time finding all the information we need. So, I'm hoping those in this forum can assist:
1. What areas / neighborhoods should we look to move? I'll be working in the CBD.. Would like to find a place with a yard if possible as we have 2 dogs.
2. What should we expect to pay to rent 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in a nice area near other US expats?
3. Any suggestions on a good preschool for a 3 year old?
4. What kind of activities would there be for my wife to do during the day with the kids?
5. Monthly cost for: groceries, cable, cell phone, Internet, electricity, other living expenses?
6. Any other advice or thoughts that would be advantageous for an American family to know when moving to Singapore?
I greatly appreciate any and all advice.

Best Regards,

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