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Visa / career (Singapore)

Dear all,

My visit to Singapore and the finish of my Master Degree in Business is making me look for job opportunities in Singapore at the moment. I'm contacting multinationals and via employments agency's such as Randstad and PeopleProfilers. As a fresh commercial graduate with little experience it's hard to find an nice challenge as Customer service / Sales / Business analist.
This is why I'm now thinkg about moving to Singapore and look for jobs on the spot. Now i'm just figuring out what VISA to apply for. Untill recently there was an EPEC pass for job seekers but this pass is discontinued.

Can anyone help me with some visa advice for a fresh Master graduate in Business with the Dutch nationality who wants so seek jobs opportunities in Singapore! ?

I'm 25 years old, easy going, fast learner, persistant, analytical, international orientated, speak Dutch, English, French, some Spanish and German. I am a persistant worker. May you know someone, or have a challenging job you can contact me aswell!

Thanks in advance!

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