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What if it could be possible? Marketer in SG (Singapore)

Dear Internations members!
Hope to find you all well! :)

I'm reaching you out in a personal endeavor.
As you may see from my personal profile, I'm Portuguese, living in Asia in the past couple of years, doing business both in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.
As an unforeseen event, my previous company have closed doors, and I took some time off to realize what I would like to do in the near future.
In a short professional view, I can define that I'm most successful when helping companies marketing and developing new business by creating stable and solid bridges between them and their partners, so they can both share great results. Also I'm passionate about music, digital, neurosciences and a tech savvy.

Therefore, I'm reaching you as a community and to request your thoughts about best practices when applying to SG positions as an expat, or if you may have new leads would be awesome if you could send them my way.

Grateful for your time on this!

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