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What should be the salary expectation (Singapore)

Dear all,

I know that there have been similar threads on what could be considered a decent salary on different forums and also the topic itself is very subjective. I still thought of raising the topic as the market conditions and cost of living are very dynamic and keep changing. I would greatly appreciate if people who have moved to Singapore in the recent past - may be in the last one year or so, could provide some guidance.

We are contemplating a move to Singapore - in fact we are at a very advanced stage of discussions. We want to ensure that we are not setting ourselves for a failure.

Ours is a family of four with two school going children - middle school and primary school. What we observed after reading through different guides on Singapore living and commentaries, as foreigners we would have to depend on International schools. We contacted a couple of schools and figured out that they do not cost anything less than SGD Protected content year on average. So, taking into account two children, an approximate cost of around SGD Protected content year would be just for the education.

Similarly, for the housing (we browsed through HDB, Private Condo etc) we believe the cost will be anywhere between SGD Protected content SGD Protected content month. This is taking unto account that with a family of four, we would need a minimum of two bedroom apartment, We do not mind staying outside of the city center though.

We do not have any plans to own a car and would be happy with mass transport and cabs.

The next sections are really very very family dependent - food, clothing, entertainment etc and we do not really know how to get a good estimate. We explored Numbeo and other cost estimators, but not sure how accurate they are. We thought of assuming that we would be adopting the bare minimum approach with the scope of upgrading later on.

Having said all these, could anyone throw some light on what would be the salary that would kind of ensure that we are able to afford the above mentioned lifestyle? Please remember that I am not asking for what could be a "decent" salary or "good" salary as the savings criteria and lifestyle choices will be different for different people.

Thanks you in advance for your help.


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