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Without investment - no return!! (Singapore)

Without investment - no return!!

This a great opportunity to learn more about how developing a global mindset can create better working relationships in international organization. Absolutely free of charge.

I am doing a project in relation to a Master at University of Aalborg (Denmark) in "Learning and competence development in international Organizations". My field of interest is how to succeed in moving from “local” to a “global” mindset in a culturally diverse workplace. I have earlier completed a project on how development of organizational learning and critical reflection can create and develop a global mindset at the individual level.

I have chosen to do field studies and collect empirical data in Singapore for 3 months (arrival on August 10th) focusing on learning and change processes in international organizations. During this stay, I am very interested in being allowed to experience how to drive innovation and handling complexity in different international organizations.

To be able to do this I need your help!

Your gain in relation to my presence in the organization is to get "new perspective" (theoretically) to the practices taking place within the organization. This knowledge can be used to develop and perhaps optimize learning and collaboration within and across different teams. You will have access to my project and I will be happy to share my results of my research with you, which I hope will bring new insight for the organization in relation to creating a "global mindset"

I would greatly appreciate to participate in or observe a normal working day with one or two teams, conduct a few interviews, have access to written materials and if possible participate in a workshops or something similar.
There will be no cost associated with my "presence" for the organization at all. I would like to be associated with the organization Protected content where I may be allowed to observe and experience a common everyday practice. I am very flexible in terms of finding an optimal solution, so I can adapt to your business as needed to make a solution, which is enriching for both.

If you can see how rewarding it can be to cooperate with me and get new knowledge about organizational learning (free) or if you know someone that would benefit from it, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
I will be happy to present my project during a personal interview or a phone/skype conversation.

Best regards Benita Muhlig Hou Larsen

A more detailed description of me as a person, my field, my education and curriculum vitae can be found at the following website

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