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Singapore: Visa and Administration

Singapore is known around the world for being one of the premier hotspots for expatriates. Of course, a country with a great focus on its international community will have to make sure its immigration legislation does not deter potential expats with overly complicated regulations and requirements.

Singapore is a country which is very welcoming of its international community and foreign talent in general. Admittedly, there have been some recent changes to the immigration legislation which have made it harder for a portion of the foreign and expat community to successfully obtain the necessary paperwork to come live and work in Singapore. Nonetheless, the above statement is as true as ever. The different options of work permits and their respective requirements might be a little intimidating, but they will become clear and start to make sense in a heartbeat with the info in our guide on the topic. Fortunately for future expats, there is no need to apply for a separate residence permit.

Bringing Your Family & Permanent Residency

If you would like to bring your spouse and children along on your expat adventure in Singapore, the process is fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, this is not an option for holders of just any work permit – only if you meet certain criteria can you apply for so-called Long-Term Visit Passes for your family. The same applies if you and your spouse are not married: in that case, you need to obtain a separate pass for them. You can find an overview of all the key info in our article Passes and Permits for Expat Families in Singapore. If you go to Singapore in order to stay for a prolonged period of time, you might want to opt for Permanent Residency. This is the preferred option of many expats who plan on staying in the country for up to five years or even longer. Permanent Residency in Singapore is also noteworthy for the fact that you can apply even before you make the big step abroad – no waiting period required.

Importing Your Household Goods

If you have already traveled to Singapore before, whether on business or as a tourist, you will have come to know the strict regulations regarding the import of a large group of goods which are either restricted or straight out illegal. Unfortunately, if you are planning on transferring your household items and furniture to your new home, the process is no more straightforward and regulations no less restrictive. Before you decide whether or not it is actually worth having your possessions shipped over, have a look at our article on import and customs regulations.

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