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International Schools in Singapore

There are many international schools in Singapore, reflecting its status as a main expat destination. You can choose from a variety of locations, curricula, and educational programs. Read on for an extensive, albeit not complete, overview of international schools in Singapore.
Singapore is well prepared for expat families and is home to many international schools.
  • In Singapore you have a breadth of choice between the local and international schools.
  • If you choose to send your kids to local schools, they will need to sit the Admission Exercise for International Students.
  • Some international schools offer the national curriculum of the country they represent, while others favor an international or IB curriculum.


While Singapore’s education system has an excellent reputation and strives to constantly improve its public schools, most expat parents prefer to send their children to international schools in Singapore instead. The advantage is that your kids will get in touch with other expat children who speak the same language and all deal with the same difficulties. However, some public schools are ready to accommodate foreign students as well.

If an International School Isn’t Right for You

Expat kids who prefer to attend public schools instead of international schools in Singapore have to take the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS). This examination tests the students’ English language proficiency, as well as their math skills. Upon completion, the students are then placed in a suitable school, based on vacancies, their test results, and the students’ place of residence in Singapore.

The AEIS is conducted by the Ministry of Education in September or October each year. It is meant for foreign students who do not have a place at a Singaporean school yet and wish to start the following January. The AEIS is held only once per year and the fees for the test are non-refundable. Make sure that your children are available to take the test and that they are well prepared before applying. Contact the Ministry of Education to learn more about the AEIS.

An Overview of International Schools around Singapore

There are lots of international schools in Singapore, catering to different age levels, nationalities, and educational needs. Because the list of these schools is so extensive, we cannot name all of them in this article. However, we will give you an overview of international schools in Singapore with experience in educating expat children. Keep in mind, that the monthly tuition will significantly increase your cost of living in Singapore.

Schools with a National Curriculum

Some international schools in Singapore target expat children from a certain country and offer a national curriculum. These are a good choice for children who are due to return to their home country soon. That way, they will easily transition back into the local school system without further difficulties. However, they also make it harder for children to adjust to local culture in Singapore. This is why many of them also offer an IB curriculum or international degree courses. Some of these international schools in Singapore include:

International and IB Schools

While most international schools in Singapore offer both a national and an international curriculum, some schools have a predominantly international curriculum. Some of these schools are:


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. 

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