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Childcare and Nursery facilities. (Skopje)

One of the most common gripes, complaints and concerns most of us ex pats have is finding good reliable nursery facilities one can be confident with. With so many illegal and less than ideal facilities still in operation one has to be extremely careful. It took my own family a long time to find a place we were happy with.

The British Children's Academy was established almost 9 years ago in Skopje. It is an English speaking Nursery with children from all over the world speaking many different language. By the time the children leave (The age range is 6 months to 6 years) They have all been given a great foundation for learning as they are already proficient in worlds number one language for business in a way that is natural and fun.

Having been very pleased by the performance of the British Children's Academy and the wonderful convenience of the service as they collect and deliver my daughter from my door, I could see some areas which would benefit from greater investment to make this not only the best facility in Skopje but a model for franchise world wide. So to take a phrase from entrepreneur Victor Kiam, " I liked it so much, I brought the company".

The BCA deliver a program designed around a well respected British program and they are using the investment to add facilities more consis Add facilities (including a very highly training British Chief joining from the UK in November).

The BCA also provides additional language lessons in German, Spanish, Italian and French and a weekend care facility. It is amazing to see Children with no exposure to English at all rapidly picking up a new language in a way that seems to be out of reach for most adults. (Well, me at least ha-ha)

As many parents are expats or involved in diplomatic service the BCA understand that sometimes, duty calls at the weekend (or perhaps one just need a night out with ones partner). To minimise the disruption and lets be honest, mitigate the guilt we sometimes feel about leaving the children at the weekend, one of their usual teachers babysits the child. This reduces a child's anxiety as they will know them well and makes parents fun time, fun time for their child as well for a guilt free night out!.

Sevdalina Harris (My wife) is the manager supporting the existing very highly accomplished team. To borrow a phrase from well known entrepreneur Victor Kiam "I like it so much, I brought the company".

I am sure Sevdalina Harris and her team would be happy to help you with any pre school and childcare related questions: Feel free to say that I sent you.

Vasil Stefanovski 5
Rep. Macedonia

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